Augusta, GA (April 2024) – Inspiring Warriors Golf held another successful mission at the Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters in a quest to use golf as a vehicle for healing both physical and invisible wounds.

Without a doubt, our most memorable mission yet. Augusta National Golf Club. The Masters. Does it get any better? We don’t think so. We started the week with a warm welcome dinner and evening at the lovely home that we rented for the week for our veterans. It was awesome meeting everyone and receiving The Warriors Journey / Inspiring Warriors Golf swag and gifts. Everyone received three custom shirts, a pullover, a custom hat, and a Nexbelt all in “Masters” colors! Hard to not be excited being in Augusta in the first part of spring. 

The next day began with a workshop led by Kevin Weaver, Founder of The Warriors Journey. It was a most inspiring time as everyone got involved and shared from the heart. The PGA Professionals were deeply engaged and each of the warriors shared from the heart talking about items and things rarely spoken of, but much needed. Off to Top Golf where we got to hit some golf balls, enjoy some lunch and watch a solar eclipse!

Monday night was a special thrill as we were joined by some VIP guests. PGA Professionals Bob Ford, Bill Stine, and Darrel Kestner came by, bringing friend Mike Rowley from Straight Down making a truly elite crowd indeed. Then our great friend Teddy Scott stopped by straight from rolling balls at the ANGC and gave us an incredible insight into the Masters and his work with Bubba Watson and Scottie Scheffler. It was a surreal time for all of us getting the chance to breath rarified air and then some. 

The next day was our day at the Augusta National Golf Club. We were treated to things that very few ever get to experience, even with the opportunity to visit the Masters! It was a time that our men and women will never forget, and was a day for the ages. 

We were treated that night, as though visiting ANGC wasn’t enough, with a great presentation from Blue Angels pilot John “Gucci” Foley. He shared some classic debrief thoughts from the US Navy Blue Angels…and finished with “Glad to Be Here” mindset. It was the perfect ending to a perfect week. 

Golf. The places you go, the people you meet, the lessons you learn. And most importantly the time you spend with your friends, and in our case, your battle buddies!